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Aluminium-bronze Corrosion Resistance Guide - Pub 080

Survey of published and other information relating to aluminium bronzes in a number of environments. Recommendations are made for materials suitable for many applications. 1981. 30pp. Archive for research purposes.

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Pub 086 - Aluminium Bronze, Essential for Industry

Illustrated 8-page leaflet highlighting the main attributes of the important aluminium bronzes including selection criteria, properties, corrosion resistance, welding and machining. 1989. 16pp.

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Pub 126 - Resistance to Wear of Aluminium Bronzes

Chapter 10 from Harry Meigh’s book ‘Cast and Wrought Aluminium Bronzes – Properties, Processes and Structure’ describing resistance to wear of aluminium bronze alloys. It also gives details of factors affecting wear and information on alloy selection. Pub 126.

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